What is a Safety File ?

A health and safety file is as the name suggests a file which contains all relevant occupational safety documents.


The file itself contains the following documents that could be needed in a site emergency when workers are working on clients premises.

  1. Letter of good standing -this is proof of up to date workman's compensation as well as your compensation number for claims
  2. Annexure 1 and WCL 2 forms which are required to report an incident to the department of labour
  3. The Emergency procedure and contact numbers
  4. copies of staff identity documents - these are needed if an employee is transported to the hospital with an injury on duty claim.
  5. The risk assessments and relevant safe work procedures are administrative risk control measures
  6. The Health and safety policies and plan of the company  - this is important and employees need regular access to these documents to refer back to on how the company expects them to deal with certain aspects of their duties.
  7. Checklists and inspection register - as an administrative control on general maintenance and keep all equipment serviceable.
  8. Proof of training and appointment letters - this communicates responsibility, duties and authorises employees to operate certain types of machinery and tooling.

Apart from these documents a site files serves as an access point to safety information for both employees and clients alike, the files stay with the client after the project as proof that the client appointed competent and legally compliant contractors.

The safety file is the only acceptable legal proof that the Client is legally compliant to the relevant OHS Act 85 of 1993!

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