Risk Assessment Templates

Templates are dangerous.

Good day, you may be searching for a template for various reasons. If it is because you are not confident in drafting your own from scratch. You may be in trouble.

The only reasonable motive for searching and downloading a risk assessment template is for the following reasons:

You want to increase productivity by not drafting the whole document

You are looking at templates for ways to improve your risk assessment game.

If you are downloading a template with the intent of using it as is. You may be defeating the main purpose of doing a risk assessment totally. When you are using a risk assessment as is the risks involved in the work are not analysed properly. Sometimes not at all and this could make the whole process inaccurate and ultimately ineffective.

This may or may not play a direct role in an incident. To give an example, let us say we download a risk assessment on using an electric drill. This may be a very comprehensive risk assessment that covers a majority of uses for the drill. But it might leave some more obscure uses for the drill, such as a wire brush to remove rust! If this is a regular use of your drill it might leave a large gap in your hazard awareness. I believe you are omitting in safe work procedures and toolbox talks (daily safety briefings). Which are derived from the risk register or risk assessment?

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