5 reasons you need a good safety file

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Whether you are a startup or scaling up your business an easy to implement safety file is a key consideration.

1. It enables you to tender on larger contracts or sites which is essential to growth.

The larger the construction project. The more regulated site activities become. This generally means a closer focus on site safety compliance.

2. It shows your potential client your level of commitment to reduce their legal risks.

Does your safety file consists of generic documents which have just been copied over and over? It shouts aloud that your file is an afterthought, and if your potential customer values safety compliance it may just cost you by not being awarded the work.

3. It limits your company's exposure to fines, work stoppages and legal liability.

The first thing that happens when there is an accident on site is the incident procedure is implemented. If your file is compliant you should have access to all relevant documents needed. This helps to efficiently address the situation and assist a worker is injured.

4. It underpins and aids in creating a safety-minded culture in your workplace.

When you have a comprehensive but simple to implement management system in your safety file. There will be inspection registers and all relevant forms. This helps employees to complete their safety duties with ease and the task becomes less of a hassle.

5. It minimises your potential loss when a serious accident happens.

If worst comes to worst and a serious accident happens on site. Your whole experience will be much less stressful if you are confident that all your documents are in place and compliant.

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