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Simplified and Practical Contractor Safety File Solutions

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COVID-19 Compliance

We have developed based on international best practices a comprehensive site prevention and control audit system. We can audit sites and issue certificates of compliance to current South African regulations on the control of the 2019 novel coronavirus.

Site-Specific Health And Safety Files 

We are a health and safety consultancy that craft beautifully simple but robust health and safety files for contractors which set the tone for your whole safety management system. We are also committed to keeping our work ethic and speed of delivery on par or better than the top performers in our industry. And that's why we keep being recommended by our customers.

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Site Safety Audits

It's good to measure actual compliance on site to enable continual improvements and reduce work stoppages. The role of a professional health and safety consultancy is key to impartial assessments of current compliance to management systems and legislation.


Safety Compliance Training Services

Participative training is vital to achieving employee involvement. And if your employees have not got a good buy in your management system will struggle to improve actual safety. We offer all the essential compliance training needed in a construction environment and can in most cases assist in sourcing specialized training as well.

Risk Assessment

Hazard Identification Risk Assessments Services

The hazard that goes unnoticed is the ones which are the most dangerous. Without an exhaustive hazard identification process, a risk assessment risks not addressing all risks. And when looking at a comprehensive risk control strategy the skill of the team identifying the risks will dictate the overall quality of the risk assessment and control measures.

Auditing Checklist

Contractor Safety Management

To fulfil your obligation as a principal contractor or client you need to achieve full compliance on your construction site. This involves working with your contractors and regular audits of their health and safety files and general compliance improvements. We approach this in a very straight forward way by not undermining productivity with the introduction of cumbersome or non-effective management systems but rather a simple fluid and adaptable system that provides for unforeseen challenges.

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